Oliver Parks Finland Amongst First to Sign Leading Industry Principles

Oliver Parks is one of the first companies to agree to the Finnish recruitment industry’s most progressive set of principles. The code, known as For better recruitment, includes 5 tenants that define how recruitment firms should work in order to best help companies and job seekers. By adhering to these principles, the hope is that it will create a positive effect for the country as a whole. These pioneering standards include:

1. Offering targeted, relevant content and information throughout the recruitment process

The first principle revolves around paying attention to where target audiences spend their time, and offering content that is interesting to them, rather than generic content designed for a broad audience.

2.  Working transparently and honestly

The second principle states that the employer must act transparently. It also maintains that every workplace has something valuable that separates it from others, and that jobs must be honestly portrayed.

3.  Identifying the full potential of a job seeker

The third principle is about helping the job seeker to reach their future goals, illustrating their full potential to employers and avoiding biases that may stem from past work history.

4. Working objectively and condemn discrimination

The fourth principle focuses on making recruitment decisions that can be justified in a transparent way, and helping to ensure there is no discrimination.

5. Treating the job seeker humanely

The last principle maintains the importance of allowing the employer and candidate to make their own informed decision, and keeping the job seeker up to date with the progress of the recruitment process.

James Walton, Managing Partner at Oliver Parks commented, ”Oliver Parks believes strongly in the transparency and ethics embodied by the For better recruitment code and are honoured to be amongst the first to sign it. We abide by these principles in all the markets we cover, and we can only hope more recruitment organisations do the same.”

The code, which was released on November 1st, and signed by Oliver Parks on November 2nd, is ambitious. Fundamental to the For better recruitment project and code, is the belief that the recruitment industry has a responsibility to help match candidates to jobs that will help them fulfil their long term career goals, and help companies prosper. If each and every job seeker is given the time they deserve to help them attain the position of their dreams, and each and every company is accurately portrayed for what they have to offer—then ultimately people will be happier in their jobs and a wealthier society will be created.

The Minister of Labour, Jari Lindström, is an advocate of the project, and believes recruitment professionals are needed now more than ever, particularly given the new skill sets emerging in the technology industry. It is becoming harder for organisations to find the right individuals in sectors such as programming in which experienced candidates are scarce. But he believes, as we do at Oliver Parks, that through the efforts of skilled recruiters who care—the right people will find the right job for them.

To learn more about For better recruitment, please visit the website: https://rekrygaala.fi/paremman-rekrytoinnin-puolesta/

About Oliver Parks

Oliver Parks Consulting offers search-based recruitment solutions to the technology sector, specialising in the ERP, CRM, CMS, ECM, BI and Open Source Technology spaces. The firm’s multilingual consultants operate in narrowly-defined niche market segments, enabling them to gain extensive knowledge of the people and companies operating in each technology.  Oliver Parks has a proven track-record with more than 100,000 candidates worldwide and more than 300 clients globally.