With a growing business and increasing amount of work, Bowlero needed an experienced developer to manage CRM development, business & technical requirements, support ongoing IT efforts and develop customer relationships. Bowlero prides itself on having a reputation for world-class guest experiences, including their IT—so finding a stand-out candidate for this role was critical.

The candidate needed to have 5 years’+ experience in Dynamics CRM, a solid background in development, experience with the latest versions of Dynamics CRM, be a good cultural fit, and be able to come to the office daily. The main challenge in filling this role was the location of the office. Finding local, talented candidates that met Bowlero’s criteria was not likely.

Finding the Right Candidate

Oliver Parks approached the best local talent. After careful evaluation of all of the local candidates, it became clear that the best candidates for this job would not be local, and as such would need to relocate. This is sometimes a difficult sell, particularly for in-demand candidates, but after opening the search to those outside the local area, Oliver Parks found the perfect candidate.

The candidate was a seasoned CRM Developer boasting 8+ years in CRM and over 15 years in development. He had worked with all versions of CRM (including D365) and had experience across a variety of industries. His previous role required a high amount of (international) travel and didn’t offer a good work-life balance. With a young family, the candidate wanted to be home more and work for a company who could offer a close-knit, family-oriented culture, whilst also keeping him challenged and up-to-date in CRM. He had connections in Virginia and it was a place he had visited regularly over the years. As such he was excited about the job, and happily accepted Bowlero's offer. Bowlero now have their ideal developer, and the candidate has the right work-life balance.

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