Do you have the skills we are looking for?

Recruiters are hard working, tenacious and well-organised. We have seen entry level Associates with no recruitment experience become first-rate recruiters very quickly purely with the right core skills and a strong determination to learn. Below are the qualities we look for in applicants to Oliver Parks.

  • strong communication skills (written and oral)
  • sales and negotiation skills
  • a goal-orientated approach to work
  • the ability to multi-task
  • problem-solving capabilities 
  • the ability to meet deadlines and targets
  • tenacity and ambition
  • confidence and self-motivation
  • time management and organisational skills
  • the ability to listen / empathise


What do search-based recruiters do?

This is what search-based recruiters do day-to-day...

What to Expect

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Career Prospects

Building key business skills means the world is your oyster...