Our client wanted to grow their Dynamics 365 Practice and needed an experienced Pre-Sales Architect to help secure new customers. Dynamics 365 and T&L experience was of the utmost importance, as was being able to demo the latest version of Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations to prospective customers – focusing on Trade, Logistics & Warehouse Management functionality.

Filling the role was going to be a challenge for several reasons. Candidates with experience using the latest version of D365 are few and far between, and those that do exist are often at partners where they are very well paid. Plus, because partners know that that strong Pre-Sales Architects can be difficult to replace, they will do everything they can to keep them.

A Comprehensive Candidate Network

Due to Oliver Parks' focus on the D365 / MS Dynamics space, our first port of call was to contact the Pre-Sales Architects in our comprehensive candidate network. Oliver Parks has built relationships with the best candidates over many years—they know us, take our calls and reply to our emails. As such we were able to target the right people quickly.

The candidate hired was a direct match on the job description, and had been part of the Oliver Parks network for years. He had worked for other MS Partners, had a solid track record and multiple recommendations from sales executives and functional consultants in the space. He was the perfect fit for the role, and as an added bonus, he was based on the West Coast. We caught him at a good time, when he was considering his options. When a good offer was made, he accepted. He is now really enjoying his new position and the feedback from the client has been exceptional; a very good match all around.

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