What do search-based recruiters do?

In a nut shell, search-based recruiters use proactive headhunting techniques to engage the most capable professionals for client positions. Often the best candidates are already employed and not looking for a new role, so you have to use all available avenues to contact candidates, including directly approaching people via the phone, e-mail and social media to engage with them and add them to our network.

Oliver Parks is different to other recruitment consultancies because our consultants operate within a tightly defined market, based on a specific technology and geographic area. Our goal is for you to have a comprehensive understanding of the professionals within your area of expertise. It often takes a great deal of time and effort to make contact with, gain trust and get commitment from the best candidates, but by focusing on specific technologies and regions, you are able to build relationships with the best people until they are ready to explore their next career move. You may be in contact with a candidate for two years before they decide the time is right to look at new opportunities.

A critical part of what search-based recruitment consultants do is work with clients to gain a true understanding of their business structure and recruitment requirements. This is fundamental in making successful placements and building stronger relationships. You will also help negotiate contract terms that both parties are happy with, so it is important you have a strong relationship with both your client and candidates. 

An enormous amount of personal satisfaction can be derived from placing a candidate with the right company and in the right type of role.  The same can be said by helping a business find the right person to deliver an important project or fill a crucial role within their organisation. This is satisfaction you will regularly enjoy as a search-based recruitment consultant. 

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