20 Interview Questions To Ask A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer

Knowing what to ask in an interview can be just as hard as knowing how to answer—particularly when it comes to technical roles such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers. Unlike most other jobs, developers need a very specific skill set, knowledge base and experience level. Deciphering whether they have what it takes to do the job can be very difficult. This is particularly true for hiring managers or HR staff that don’t have a Dynamics CRM background themselves.

One option is to go study up on Dynamics CRM (click here for videos and tutorials). But before you spend hours watching how-to videos, you may want to start with the 20 questions (and answers) we have compiled for you here. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and will certainly not replace targeted questions from someone in your organisation who is an expert in Dynamics CRM, but it just might give you somewhere to begin if you don’t know your Custom Entity record from your Root Business Unit.

1. What is the difference between Dialogs and workflow?

Dialogs refer to synchronous processes which require user input, a wizard-like an interface. Whereas Workflow refers to Asynchronous process which requires no user input and it is a background process.

2. What is Plug-in?

A plug-in is a custom business logic which functions for integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. This integrating is to augment or modify the standard behavior of the platform.

3. What is workflow?

Workflow involves the automation of business processes from one party to another whose actions are in accordance with a set of rules.

4. What is the difference between plug-in and workflow with regard to security restrictions?

The user requires a system admin or system customizer security role and membership in the development administrator group, in order to register a plug-in with the platform. Whereas, the user can use the web application for workflow.

5. When will you use workflow?

The answer would likely be: it depends on the characteristics of the task that is under consideration. And the same thing applies to plug-in.

6. What is E-mail router in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

E-mail router in MS CRM forms the software component which creates an interface between the Organization’s messaging system and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment.

7. Should my Active Directory Domain have Microsoft Exchange Server installed in it?

No, it is not necessary. One can use in-house or external SMTP and POP3 services.

8. How can you enable or disable the form assistant? And how to be sure that the form assistant is expanded or not?

One can use the following pathway to ensure this: Navigate to Customization >> Open the Entity >> Open Forms and Views >> Open Form >> Select Form Properties >> Open Display Tab >> Check/Uncheck the “Enable the Form Assistant” and “Expanded by Default”.

9. What is meant by Metadata services of MSCRM?

The metadata of MSCRM holds the information about the attribute and the entity. For instance, platform name, datatype of attribute, size of the attribute, display name, etc

10. What is Discovery Services?

The discovery services function for determining the correct organization and URL. MSCRM has many servers, each of which it, might be dedicated to multiple organization.

11. How to create a Custom Entity record using SDK?

Using Dynamic Entity.

12. How to join two table using Query Expression?

Using Linked entity. You should always try to minimize the number of SWS calls that we make in the database. Often during code review, it is explored that the number of Microsoft CRM web-service could have been reduced by making use of the Linked-entity concept. So we should always look for the opportunity to minimize the effort.

13. Can we modify the name of Root Business Unit?

No. We will have to re-install MSCRM.

14. Suppose if I have 20 user license and I have created 20users. What will happen if I create 21st User?

The 21st User will get created in MSCRM but that user will be in disabled state.

15. What is the maximum number of tabs allowed on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 form? 


16. How to enable/disable the form assistant? How to make sure the form assistant is expanded/collapsed on a form?

Navigate to Customization >> Open the Entity >> Open Forms and Views >> Open Form >> Select Form Properties >> Open Display Tab >> Check/Uncheck the “Enable the Form Assistant” and “Expanded by Default”.

17. What is your CRM experience?

18. Tell me about your last CRM project?

They should talk about (otherwise, ask) the following:

  • Size
  • Complexity
  • Customisations
  • Integration
  • Any difficulties experienced / overcome
  • What skills were used

19. What development tools do you use for CRM development?

Most will say: CRM Developer toolkit, XrmToolkit, Ribbon Workbench, Plugin Registration.  

20. What do you do for fun?

If they aren’t sure… put them on the ‘maybe’ list!

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